Jenny Sanders

Friendly and talented salon:

I am so glad I chose to book Goddess Body Spa’s lipo light treatment. I met with very friendly and talented staff, and I was happy with the tightening up treatment. Now I feel very comfortable in my own skin.

Emily Whip

I look a lot younger:

It is hard seeing your aging face in the mirror sometimes. I was tired of seeing the wrinkles and strains on my body which served as a constant reminder of how old I was getting. I contacted Goddess Body Spa and underwent their fine-light anti-aging treatment. Simply put, I am now their biggest fan!

Liz Beatle

Weirdly fun:

I booked the Goddess Body’s whole body vibration treatment looking for a short cut to losing weight. I must say I was skeptical initially, but I’m so glad I made the decision to trust them. I started noticing considerable changes from the first week, and the sensation of the vibrating machine is weirdly fun. Thank you!

Heather Gold

Best day of my life:

I needed to firm up and get rid of the excess fat around my waist in preparation for my wedding. I am glad I made the decision to go with Goddess Body Sculpting and Beauty Spa. I had the most amazing wedding as I was especially happy with my body. The Goddess Body team made me the cynosure of all eyes on my wedding day, and added springs to my steps. I am forever grateful.