Stretch Mark Fading

Stretch marks are caused by the rapid expansion of the skin and form in the dermis which is the middle layer of the skin. When constantly stretched, the dermis can break down. The marks often appear red or purple as they form and later become glossy, making the skin appear to be streaked white or gray. Weight gained and lost during pregnancy is a common cause, but even athletes can develop stretch marks. The level of skin suppleness can contribute to the severity of stretch marks. The degree of success achieved by treatments will depend on individual skin types and the amount of sun damage to your skin.

Our stretch mark fading treatment is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure that can improve the appearance of your skin in just a few easy treatments. In just a short amount of time redness can be reduced, stretch marks smoothed out, and your skin ready to be bared once more! Finally, an easy way to return to the smooth skin you’ve always wanted.