Looking for a safe weight loss program? Our LipoMelt treatment procedure is safe, affordable, and effective.The LipoMelt system targets fat cells specifically, ensuring for an effective removal of fats especially in stubborn areas of the body that have been resistant to exercise and diet. By combining this safe and effective fat removal treatment with hydration and exercise, the LipoMelt treatment will eliminate stubborn cellulites and fats permanently.

The LipoMelt treatment is painless and effective. There is no downtime or recovery time needed, and the treatment eliminates the risk of numbness, scarring, nerve damage, and other debilitating effects of surgical weight-loss treatments.

Also, using the most powerful, revolutionary non- invasive slimming technology, LipoMelt delivers immediate results.It delivers it’s unique light energy in the 635nm and 880nm wavelengths to safely & naturally slim, shape & tone the body.Hence, weight loss via the natural LipoMelt treatment offers the most effective option for anyone looking to eliminate body fat with ease. How does it work?

Targeting stubborn area of the body is now easy withLipoMelt treatment. Fat cell membrane permeability is temporarily altered by the deep penetrating light being emitted by the medical LED lights of the LipoMelt machine. This temporary alteration induces the emulsification of the cellular fats, leading to their leakage into the lymph, where they are swept away.